Finest Mattress Sanitizing

We would like to say a big thank you to the entire team of Master Cleaners Melbourne for delivering quality mattress sanitizing service at my mom’s house. My mom is really happy with the service and she said she enjoyed watching these guys work on her mattress. She said it was a delight to have these people at home, who cared to chat with her while performing mattress cleaning. She asked me to write this review. I am also gonna use your services soon.


Commercial Blind Cleaning

Master Cleaners Melbourne delivers finest commercial blinds cleaning services in Melbourne. I have been using their services for more than 3 years now. They are true professionals and do their job in such a way that the daily routine of the office does not get affected. All the blinds at my office get cleaned regularly without me being worried about them.


Affordable Duct Fixing Service

I called Master Cleaners Melbourne for duct fixing. They happily agreed to do the service on a weekend so that no one in my office had to face any issue. This company has hired some genuine problem solvers for duct related issues. I am surely using their duct cleaning services again.

John Wick

Experienced Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Master Cleaners Melbourne are truly experienced and well-qualified commercial carpet cleaners and you get to know about their skills in one service only. I still remember the first time I called them some 4 years ago for my office carpets. They were so punctual that I was surprised and they accomplished their task with such sophistication that none of my employees could complain about the cleaning work going on a weekday. But later I found they work on weekends as well. So now I call them on weekends after every 6 months to get my carpets cleaned. My office looks nice and beautiful. Thanks for such consistency in your quality carpet cleaning services.

Matt McCole

Most Affordable Mattress Stain Removal and Cleaning Services in Melbourne

I choose Master Cleaners Melbourne because they give me the best price for quality services. I always get the most affordable mattress cleaning services in Melbourne from here only. I have tested their prices by cross checking with other service providers but they are simply unbeatable. I know they are cheaper services available too but at least I can’t rely on inexperienced and uninsured cleaners for my precious upholstery. So I trust Master Cleaners Melbourne – always!

Edwina Mackinnon

Fantastic Upholstery Makeover

Master Cleaners Melbourne are true to their name when it is about upholstery cleaning. I have got them home many times for upholstery cleaning. They provide complete cleaning and stain removal services. Moreover, their cleaning solutions add a different kind of luster to the upholstery giving it a new-like look. I always rely on their services for makeover for my upholstered furniture.

Jordan Tedesco

Finest Stain Removal Services for Tiles and Floors

We have been using Master Cleaners Melbourne for almost 6 years now with no complaints at all. My tiles, grouts, and floors are their tension now and not mine anymore. They provide amazing tile and grout cleaning services and ensure removal of all stains at all. Last time I had some grout cracks as well and they fixed them easily. They are all rounder cleaners for tiles and floors.

Taylor Johnston

Prompt Service for Duct Animal Intrusion

Master Cleaners Melbourne surprised us with their exceptionally quick service for duct animal intrusion. The animals were removed and the duct was thoroughly cleaned in no time. And we could turn the duct on again within 3 hours of time. What a quick and effective service.

Vincent Mak

Efficient Duct Repairing Service

It is a pain when ducts stop working. Replacing is an expensive option and repair is a dream. But thanks to service providers like Master Cleaners Melbourne who make it their motto to please the customer in every possible way with the finest and safest services. It was a friend who recommended their name to me when I faced a problem with my ducts and in no-time these guys rectified the problem and saved me from replacing my 8 year old duct. Thanks a ton!

Raymond Learmonth

Absolute Carpet Stain Removal

My little daughter does not understand the preciousness of an ancient carpet and we can’t blame either. So we thought of hiring experts to get rid of all those colour, coffee, and other stains from our carpets. Master Cleaners Melbourne proved to be an excellent choice. The carpet stains have vanished and it looks stunning again!

Debbie Cho

Flawless Mattress Cleaning

Master Cleaners Melbourne delivered a flawless mattress cleaning at a very competitive price. I am happy and satisfied and recommend their services.

Banda Lucian

5 Star Upholstery Cleaning

We had an amazing 5 star upholstery cleaning experience from Master Cleaners Melbourne. They were thorough in cleaning every inch of the upholstery without our intervention. They worked without creating much mess and moved the furniture on their own whenever it was needed. Would love to have them over again.

Mark Doherty

Excellent Tile Sealing

I am writing this to share with all what a fine tile sealing job was done by Master Cleaners Melbourne last year at my home. The sealing is intact since then and we have had no problem whatsoever. However, this year we are planning to change the colour of our grouts and calling Master Cleaners again for a wonderful experience.

Oskar Henkel

Carbon Monoxide Testing

We called Master Cleaners Melbourne to get our ducts checked for carbon monoxide leakage. As this fatal gas could not be seen, tasted, or smelled I am very peculiar about getting my ducts checked for the same every season. This time I called Master Cleaners and I must confess that they are truly affordable. For the same job I was paying almost 40% extra and these guys quoted me a very less amount. Life has become easier with Master Cleaners. Thanks.

Colette Quinn

Curtains and Blinds Cleaning

Master Cleaners Melbourne has been cleaning our curtains and blinds for a few years now and we find them very prompt, reliable, and very good value for money. I came to know about them by a friend who has used their services for different cleaning requirements. I was so impressed with their work that now I have recommended their services to other friends. –

Mel B Mack

Carpet Flood and Water Restoration

We had to call them immediately when my 4 year old son left the tap open in bathroom and the carpets got spoiled. We have been using their carpet cleaning services for a while and called them for carpet water restoration services too. The cleaners came in a few hours and managed to save our carpets from complete damage. And that too at an affordable price! –

Ken Wong

End of Lease Cleaning

I am a regular customer here at Master Cleaners Melbourne and have been using your services for six years. The cleaners they have on board are polite, quick, friendly, professional, and utterly passionate about their job. We got them for end of lease cleaning services as well and got our bond back without any trouble. Thanks again. –

Ian Steel

Carpet Steam Cleaning

My carpets have been renewed thoroughly by your professional technicians a few months ago. The stains and odours are hard to find and we are pleased to have found a friendly carpet steam cleaner. They offered carpet steam cleaning instead of dry cleaning and we could use them within a few hours of the cleaning. Thank you so much for a great job. –

Nicole Butchart

Pet Stain and Odour Removal

What an outstanding service! We could not believe our eyes. Seriously, we have used other cleaners too but Master Cleaners Melbourne are exceptional. They did a fine job removing all pet stains and odour from our carpets and upholstery. Thank you for a lovely job. –

Eric Niemi

Mattress Cleaning

My husband and I are over the moon with the results we got from mattress cleaning from Master Cleaners Melbourne. I have recommended their services to my family and have put their info my office’s notice board as well. We are absolutely satisfied and fully happy with their service. –

Lauren Penman

Upholstery Cleaning

Moving from one place to another definitely leaves its tracks on the furniture. My favorite white lounge got stains while we moved into this new house. For a few days I was unhappy as I didn’t even know any good upholstery cleaner in the nearby area. When I discussed it with my new neighbor, she suggested your name and called up immediately. To my surprise you guys accepted to clean my upholstery the same day. When the entire house was in a mess, your cleaners came to my home with a smile on their face and cleaned our upholstery in a flawless manner. –

Maggie Clark

Rug Cleaning

Hi, I am writing this mail to express my gratitude towards those two people who cleaned my very old rug. I don’t know when my dad got it cleaned the last time but even he looks amazed after it has been cleaned by Master Cleaners Melbourne. The results are commendable. Great Work! Warm Regards,

Rose Anne

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Polishing and restoring tiles is no big deal for Master Cleaners Melbourne. Their experience is reflected in the way they perform their task. Moreover, both the guys who visited our home were polite and friendly. Thanks for a wonderful job. –

Luc Blais

Duct Cleaning

Power bills were increasing every month and my family was becoming sick of different allergies. On proper scrutiny I realized that may be the problem was my duct. I searched for reputed duct cleaners on the Internet and found Master Cleaners Melbourne. The lady who explained things over phone was very polite and I got an understanding of what she was saying. So I made an appointment and I am glad I did. My ducts got thoroughly cleaned and now my family sleeps and lives peacefully. I am sure the bills will be reduced in a few days’ time too. Thank you. –

Neysa Zurkammer

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