Guide For Dry Clean Only Curtains.

Curtain Cleaning is necessary, the curtains not only covers the inside of the premises but the outside view of a curtain is also visible through windows. Thus, cleaning becomes necessary, however, curtains come in different fabric and designs which should be dry cleaned only. When curtain made for dry cleaning, washed in the machine they shrink.

In this blog, you’ll learn methods for dry cleaning the curtain and how you can do the Curtain Sanitization and Curtain Cleaning at the same time. Curtain Dry Cleaning is relatively easier from other cleaning methods, therefore, you don’t have to put extra effort and labour to do the Curtain Dry Cleaning. However, you require some supplies to start the dry cleaning procedure.

Here are easy steps for Curtain Dry Cleaning, follow them carefully to get effective results.

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Curtain Dry Cleaning

Things Needed In The Process.

  • Heavy-duty vacuum cleaner.
  • Dust brush attachment.
  • Dry cleaning solvents.
  • Dry cleaning machine.

Steps For Dry Cleaning.

All the steps should be followed as mentioned, to achieve the best results.

Vacuum Clean The Curtain.

Vacuum clean the curtain and keep vacuuming until all the dust is gone. Over time dust and dirt sits on the curtain and make the carpet look muddy, this, if not cleaned properly, settles deep into the fabric and permanently change the colour of the curtain. Later, if the moisture comes in contact with the curtain, mould infestation can also happen on the carpet, therefore, to avoid this scenario, Curtain Dry Cleaning is important.

Curtain Vacuum Cleaning

Curtain Vacuum Cleaning

Spot Stain Removal.

If there’s a muddy spot on the curtain, treat it separately, Use a sponge and scrub it, the mud will go away eventually. Apply some stain removal product to remove the stain and blot it until all the stain is gone. If the stain is stubborn, apply more stain removal product and blot the stain using a cloth, keep doing it until the stain is completely gone.

Dry Clean The Curtain.

If you don’t have dry cleaning machine, you can rent it from any rental store nearest you. Pour the dry cleaning solvents inside the machine and turn it on. Clean the curtain, run the machine from upwards to downwards. You’ll start seeing the difference from the first time, but you need to run the cleaning machine twice. Leave the curtain on it’s after you’re done. Now it’s clean and sanitized.

Professional Curtain Cleaners

Professional Curtain Cleaners

Seek Professionals Help.

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