How To Clean Swimming Pool Tiles?

Regular cleaning of your tiles is a very important task and by maintaining your tile cleaning can give you a beautiful look and you’ve to keep it nice and clean because tiles get dirty very easily because of everyday use and exposure to dust, dirt, and other unwanted particles.

How to Clean Swimming Pool Tile?

How to Clean Swimming Pool Tile?

Steps You Need To Take Before Tile Cleaning

  • Stainless steel or nylon pool brush
  • Pool pumice stone
  • Vinegar
  • Muriatic acid
  • Eye protection
  • Gloves
  • Respirator with a filter for acid vapour

Cleaning Of Tiles

  • Set your pool pump filter to backwash and let it drain the water level down to just below the bottom of the tiles.
  • Tile should be exposed before starting tile cleaning.
  • Keep in mind don’t drain the water level too low
    Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Service

    Swimming Pool Tile Cleaning Service

Start Cleaning

    • Take a stainless steel brush or a nylon brush along with a little water and starts brushing gently to remove it the residue.
    • Gently spray some vinegar on tiles and let it settle down.
    • At a time clean the tiles then rinse with pool water and evaluate.
    • For a  clean and shiny tile repeat the process.
    • Be careful if working with pool acid or other tile cleaners have full precautions under professionals.

Cleaning Of Hard Stains From Tile

  • Take small amount of acid  and start brushing on to the stains.
  • Let the acid settle down and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Scrub the tiles with the pool brush.
  • Keep in mind to wear personal protective eye goggles and gloves that are resistant to acids and a respirator that has a filter for acid vapours.

Commercial Solutions

  • There are some commercial tile cleaners solutions available and most of them are very strong which contain hydrochloric, phosphoric and/or hydrofluoric acids.
  • Before using any solutions read the instruction given back of the product carefully.
    Commercial Tile Cleaning Service

    Commercial Tile Cleaning Service


  • Refill the pool with fresh water to its normal level.
  • Check the chemical balance by running the pump of the pool.
  • Secure the cap of any acid container.
  • In the end vacuum the bottom surface of the pool.

Maintaining your pool tile cleaning is a sign of hygienic and healthy environment for a swimming pool with crystal clear water which looks attractive.

To keep this type of beauty you need to maintain the professional tile cleaning. You may also want to consult with a tile cleaning service for regular observation and maintenance of your pool tile surfaces which will make your tile cleaned for a long time contact at Masters Cleaner Melbourne.

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