How to Remove Wine Stains from Mattress?

Drinking of wine is common in many countries. Apart from health issues produced by wine, little unbalance of bottle or glass while drinking produce stains on our clothes or table cloth or even at our mattress. So, here comes the problem of wine stain removal from mattress. As per rule, things should be used for the purpose they are designed for, but as many of us want to enjoy their drinking while lying on the bed so they encounter this problem. So, if you face this problem, do not worry because here are some tips to remove the stains. First of all, never apply the methods of stain removal of wine from clothes, carpets and etc. because mattress is different from them. 

Remove Wine Stains from Mattress
Remove Wine Stains from Mattress

Here Some Methods are Discussed to Solve The Problems

Methods to Remove Wine Stains

You can face two cases:

  • Case-I: When Stain is fresh and wet.
  • Case-II: When Stain is old.

So, use the following methods to remove the fresh stains

CASE-I: When Stain is Fresh and Wet

Method 1- 

The simple and quick method to remove wine stains from mattress is to pour water at the stained spot and clean it using detergent (any good detergent).

Method 2- Use Club Soda 

The club soda method is far better. If you are having club soda at your home than it’s too good.

  • Spot and dab the stain.
  • Spread club soda at the stain.
  • Then spread common salt at it and let it dry.
  • When it will get dried, salt will absorb the stain into it.
  • Now remove them from the mattress.
  • Clean the mattress with water and detergent. And here is mattress sanitisation.

The above discussed method is also useful for red wine. As red wine stain is more horrible than white so one might think that it’s difficult to remove it but the case is not like that, the same way can be followed to remove red wine stains.

Method 3 – White Vinegar

  • Spot and dab the stain.
  • Spread white vinegar at the stain place.
  • Spread common salt at it.
  • let the area of stain dry.
  • After 2 or 3 hours remove them and clean the surface of stain with wet clothe if needed.

Method 4- Borax Solution

If having borax than use it for removing stain from matrix.

  • Mixing enough amount of borax with water until a thick solution is ready.
  • Now spread this solution at the stain place 
  • Let it dry
  • Then clean the surface and here is the stainless mattress.

CASE-II: When Stain is Old

NOW the second case is when the stain of wine is dry and old.

  • When the stain is old and dry then use bleach. But do not apply bleach directly to the spot, but use a lighter version of it, that is, hydrogen peroxide.
  • So, apply it at the stained place and let it dry.
  • Special cautions must be followed while using bleach because it can damage yours colored clothes and also unhealthy for direct interface with skin.

Call The Professional If you Face Any Wine Stain Problems

After applying the above methods if you are still failed in Mattress stain removal, then call the professionals for Local Mattress Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Or the corresponding brand professional of your mattress. Our Trained Professionals will reach out there quickly and Provide you a Hassle-free Service.

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