How to Steam Clean Curtains?

Curtains are one of the most lovely decors of every hone. Keeping your drapery in good condition is very important as it easily gets attracted to all the dirt particles and stains. These contaminants can even spread some serious breathing problem to you are your family. Moreover, filthy curtains leave a bad impression on the guest who arrives at your home. You may use chemicals available in the market to clean your curtains but it is important to know that these harmful chemicals can damage the fabric of your curtains and it is also not safe to you and your family. It is essential to choose a safe solution and methods to clean your lovely curtains. There are many methods of curtain cleaning like dry cleaning, shampooing and so on. One of the most effective cleaning methods is steaming. Steam cleaning helps in removing all the stains, dirt particles and bad odour present in your curtains.

Curtain Steam Cleaning
Curtain Steam Cleaning

Proper Procedure To Steam Clean The Curtains

  • Step 1: Inspect The Fabric

    It is very important to determine the type of fabric your curtains are made up of. Most of the curtains can be steam cleaned but there are some draperies as well which cannot be steam cleaned. You will find a label on your curtains which will indicate whether it can be steam cleaned or not. If the label shows that your curtain can be steam cleaned then go ahead. 
  • Step 2: Let The Curtains Be Hanged

    Do not remove the curtains and let it be hanged. When you remove the curtains then there’s a chance of damage to it. So to avoid any kind of such situations let your curtain be hanged and steam clean it thoroughly. It is an easy and convenient way to clean curtains. 
  • Step 3: Fill The Steamers Water Tank

    Choose appropriate steaming machine for cleaning your curtains. First, you have to fill your steamer’s tank. Press the heating button whichever is applicable for cleaning your curtains. Read the instructions properly and then fill the tank accordingly. Once you are done filling the tank you can go ahead for steaming. 
  • Step 4: Steam Clean The Curtain

    To start steam cleaning your curtain pull the trigger present on your steamer as it opens the way to apply it on the curtains. Make sure you start steaming your curtains from the top and then move towards down. Keep steaming slowly and properly. Do not rush while you move from top to bottom. Clean the entire one side and with every new stoke move your steamer horizontally for effective cleaning.
  • Step 5: Clean The Other Side

    Once you are done cleaning one side, move towards the other side of your curtain. Clean the other side of your curtain in the same manner how you have cleaned the first side. To clean your curtains entirely, it is very important to steam it from both sides and each corner. You can stand on the other side to steam clean your next part of the curtain.
  • Step 6: Dry The Curtains

    At the end after finishing steam cleaning, let your curtain dry. On switch of the fans or you can even use dryers for fast drying. You will receive the best results after your curtain is completely dried and if at all you didn’t get the effective result then repeat the procedure. 
Best Curtain Steam Cleaning Service
Best Curtain Steam Cleaning Service

Take The Help Of Professionals

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