Rug Cleaning South Yarra

Master Rug Cleaning and Rug Laundry South Yarra

Master Cleaners Melbourne provides a complete range of rug cleaning and rug laundry services in South Yarra. Our expert and certified cleaners are made to go through proper training that enables them to differ between varieties of area rugs. With the help of this training they become capable to deal with all sorts of rugs – from everyday rugs to expensive antique oriental rugs.
Want to get your rugs cleaned with the correct method without damaging it? Call us and our experts will be at your service in no time!

rug cleaning South Yarra

Rug Cleaning South Yarra

Rugs magnify the aesthetic beauty of your home along with a sense of comfort, warmth and style. They serve a lot of purposes such as protecting carpet from heavy foot traffic, being a focal point in a room it covers floorboards and tiled floorings making home more friendly. It also helps in covering an unsightly or damaged carpet areas.

Rugs Magnify The Aesthetic Beauty Of Your Home South Yarra

Rugs Magnify The Aesthetic Beauty Of Your Home South Yarra

Whatever way a rug is used they attract dirt and stains just like any other furniture item or your carpet. Rugs play a multifunctional role in your home every day and they suffer your shoes dirt and all kinds of spills silently. Instead of taking them for granted, it is your responsibility to care and maintain them with love and attention. Deep cleaning is the sole key to keep your rugs beautiful, healthy and long lasting.

Machine Rug cleaning South Yarra

Machine Rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning Process @ Master Cleaners

Master Cleaners is a twenty year old company specializing in rug cleaning South Yarra. We recommend rug steam cleaning for almost all carpets and rugs. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions so that your rugs dont get harmed. Our onsite rug cleaning washes your rugs deeply using either rug steam cleaning or rug dry cleaning.

We Recommend Rug Steam Cleaning For Almost All Carpets And Rugs South Yarra

Rug Steam Cleaning For Almost All Carpets And Rugs in South Yarra

Using powerful and high-tech rug cleaning machines, we inject hot water (mixed with cleaning solution) deep into the fibers of the rug. This extracts all the dust mites, dirt and other contaminants from the rug. Then we use powerful vacuum cleaner to suck everything out  and leaving a pristine rug behind.

Rug Laundry South Yarra

Rug Steam Cleaning

Rugs such as Persian rugs or Oriental rugs is cleaned with extra precision and skills. We train our cleaners to handle such expensive and exceptional rugs in a professional way ensuring the cleaning solution is well-balanced. Our Oriental rug cleaning specialists comprehend the fact that these rugs are an expensive investment and they clean these rugs with the tenderness as much as required.

Rug Cleaning South Yarra

Rug Cleaning South Yarra

Once we are done with the cleaning, our cleaners perform a final inspection to see that all stains are gone and the rug has been thoroughly cleaned. Rug fringes are cleaned manually if required. And lastly we re-vacuum and groom your rug so that it is ready to take its place back again!

Machine Rug cleaning South Yarra

Machine Rug cleaning South Yarra

Rug Cleaning Laundry South Yarra

Here, the cleaners understand that different rugs need to be cleaned differently. For instance silk rugs or handmade rugs can get spoiled with excess water. For such rugs, the cleaners use dry cleaning method. We have exclusive avant-garde rug laundry service for our clients in South Yarra. We make an arrangement for pick-up and delivery of your rugs from your place. During transportation and throughout the laundry process, we take good care of your valuable rugs. We clean and dry them completely before returning them to their owners!

Silk Rug cleaning

Silk Rug cleaning South Yarra

Rug Mould Removal

Master Cleaners Melbourne offers the best and complete services for Rug Cleaning South Yarra. And one of such specialised services include rug mould removal. Our team of carpet and rug cleaners are highly skilled and knows all the possible ways to clean mould and other allergens from the rugs. With the help of right cleaning agents and advanced tools, they bring the best out of your filthy and mouldy rugs. Besides using the advanced cleaning tools, we also provide utmost attention towards rug fabric and colour.

Rug Cleaning: A Passion for Our Professionals

Rug cleaning is not just a profession for our cleaners, but it is more of a passion. Our rug cleaners are highly skilled and trained in the required methods and techniques. We are in the rug cleaning industry for many years and have been useful to many clients. It is our passion and dedication for the service that, we are always looking for the best methods and techniques to serve you. Our team remains updated with the cleaning tools operation as well as changes in the methods. Thus, hiring us for the service means full utilisation of your money.

Why Choose Us For Rug Cleaning In South Yarra?

Masters Cleaners Melbourne is a well known name for prices and quality related to rug cleaning services. There are some more reasons for choosing our services. They are:

  • We are available 24*7 hours to get the queries and answer them.
  • The cleaners working with us are highly experienced and skilled.
  • Here, cleaning is done using eco-friendly solutions.
  • You can get the services on the same day of booking.

Location: South Yarra, VIC, Australia

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