Top 10 Best Methods for Cleaning Curtains

Curtains or window shades must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep both the living room and the curtains in excellent condition. Apart from local curtain cleaning the curtains weekly there are many more methods to clean your curtains. 

Few Methods Which are Best Done by Professional Curtain Cleaning Services and Recommended Annually:

  1. Dusting:

    Over the weekend it is good practice to shake over the curtains to remove the dust particles accumulated. Remember to remove all the clips, hooks and hardware attached to the curtains for avoiding any tears.
  2. Cold Water:

    Coldwater is one of the best remedies for curtains soiled with dust. Soaking the curtains in it and handwashing using detergent is an excellent practice which must be done by all once a month.
  3. Thorough Ringe:

    Rinsing the curtains thoroughly with light hands followed by a squeeze to remove all the water possible gets your curtains rid of all the dust and germs.
  4. Washing Machine Spin:

    A short washing machine spin quarterly keeps your curtains as fresh and new as ever. It also keeps the mood in your living or studies bright. Remember to not over spin as that may lead to the formation of wrinkles or cause stretches.
  5. Iron It Out:

    You should make a practice to iron out your curtains whenever after a machine spin. This should be done when the curtain is still damp. Be sure to stretch the fabric with hands gently on the wrong side lengthways to stop the seams from wearing out. Then hang the curtains to dry.
  6. Shell Curtain Method:

    Curtains which are extremely prone to tangling, so you must clean them without removing I.e. on place washing is highly recommended for this category of curtains.
  7. Liquid Detergent:

    Lay towels on the floor beneath the curtain cleaning in Melbourne, and hang a bedsheet behind the curtain fastened by hardware rods. Mix two cups of warm water to a few drops of liquid detergent and spray them liberally over the bedsheet. 
  8. Cotton Washcloths:

    Pieces of cotton washcloths should be used to wipe the curtains after washing them on the place. Leave them to dry & you are done.
  9. Professional Dry-Cleaning:

    Most of the velvet curtains available in the market are suitable to wash in machines but there are a  few which may have strict specifications for treating them to dry clean. For dry clean only curtains, it is best to take them to a trusted dry cleaner. Also the same applies for curtains that are very large, heavy or extremely high on designing unless you are OK with wear and tears!
  10. Laced Up Curtains:

    These curtains are very lightweight made up of sheer fabric which makes them prone to stretching. So it is a good idea to wash these curtains with hand and not use the washing machine. Using cold water and a teaspoon of detergent works best in removing the stains of the curtain.

In case you feel that after washing the panels, the crispness is lost you may use one cup of Epsom salt. Dissolve the salt in a sink full of cold water and just press out the water without rinsing.

In Case You are Still Not Really Sure Whether Which Method Would Work Best for Your Curtains, Call Our Professionals:

We at Master Cleaners Melbourne are always there for your help. Our well trained and highly experienced professionals will not only provide you with the right assistance but also dry clean your curtains at very nominal curtain cleaning costs. All that within the same day cleaning policy saving you from scheduling hassles and issues.

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